Addressing the Elephant in the Room

Whether you’re from the United States of America, or any other country in this world, it’s no secret why many of my friends and acquaintances who live in this country or any others flooded the social media websites with nothing but disgust, fear, anxiety, and sorrow.  I am not going to discuss politics or my opinion on the newly elected President of the United States, I am here to be there for anyone that is having great anxiety and depression due to this latest update in U.S. history.  The first thing I noticed when I logged onto all of my social media accounts was; hate, hate, hate, hate, and nothing but hate and anger.  I understand that can be one’s first reaction when it’s not the outcome you want and no longer feel safe.  However, as a country, we must stay strong and be there for each other and keep up the support.  So, to anyone is feeling very down today, please try to stay calm and have faith in whichever deity you believe in and the universe itself and the natural karma that comes from it.  I love you all and stay strong!

Love and unicorn kisses, Amber,


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