A Note On Borderline Personality

Greetings and salutations everyone!  I thought I would finally write something before my blog shrivels up and dies.  I suppose this post will be a cocktail of a rant and informative information on Borderline Personality and perhaps a few other things as well.  If anyone who is reading this at this very moment has BPD I want you to know that you are not alone, you are not crazy, being very sensitive is not a weakness it is actually a strength at times, and you are a good human being despite what the irrationality of your brain is telling you!

One of many things I hate about this society is the perception people have on mental illness and other “invisible” disorders that are out there.  I have to confess, before I became interested in psychology and received my B.A. in it, I too had my own biases on BPD and Bipolar Disorder.  Whenever I thought of the two conditions my mind would flashback to those crazy Lifetime movies or television episodes that has a “crazy” character that is the bad guy (usually woman) and ends up having  Borderline or is Bipolar.

Okay guys, I’ve suddenly ran out of steam and am paranoid about my parents talking about be, I will try to write a squeal to this next time.  Goodbye unicorns and stay strong and know that there IS someone out there who cares about you!

Amber xoxo,


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